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High Flyer has access to a variety of private jets.
We select our aircraft based on their suitability for the travel distance and optimal comfort for our clients. One of our favoured jets is the Cessna Citation Bravo, a powerful, longer range, light-sized jet that is perfectly suited to European travel. It has the capability to land on short runways, allowing access to a more extensive choice of destinations with smaller airports.

This jet stands out for its comfort levels compared to other aircraft of its size. The cabin is well insulated to eliminate engine and wind noise for a quieter flight experience. Seats are generous, offering plenty legroom so you can stretch out and relax. The luggage capacity is ample, allowing for most sporting equipment to join you on your holiday. Wide airstair treads allow for easy boarding compared to many light jets. The Citation Bravo boasts an excellence performance, with smooth taxiing and landings and fuel-efficent turbofan engines.


Cessna Citation Bravo Perfomance Facts
Take off at sea level 3600ft/ 1097m
Maximum take-off weight 4511kg
Landing distance 2487ft/758m
Maximum range 1740 nautical miles
Fuel consumption, gallons per hour 150
Maximum operating altitude 45000ft/13716m
Maximum speed cruise, knots 400 (741km/h)
Range, four pax, nautical miles 1,495
Seating 6-7 passengers, 2 crew
Total cabin volume, cubic feet 278
Total baggage capacity, cubic feet 73